leiden centraal kantoren

has lessees who wish to be reachable 24/7 and park their car directly beneath their office

A style icon with unrivalled comfort thanks to an excellent level of service, concierges included. Centrally situated between the city centre, the train station, the Amsterdam-Schiphol trunk road and The Hague. Flexible rents, starting from as low as €140 per m2, depend on the finishing specification sought by the prospective lessee. Contact us in order to experience the great value for money for yourself.


1 minute from the train station, 15 minutes from Schiphol

Excellent secondary working conditions due to the strategic location at the crossroads of the city centre and the Central Station (public transport, 15 minutes from Schiphol). Facilities: concierges, 3 lifts, flexible set-up options (to implement the ‘New World of Work’), fibreglass, etc.

102 parking spaces

The building has 2 very spacious, indoor, newly painted, built-in underground car parks (incl. bike sheds for bicycles, mopeds and motorbikes). The parking spaces have been white-lined.

Entrance hall with 3 lifts

Entrance hall with 2 reception desks, 3 big new lifts, a new mirror downlighting canopy and a granite external staircase / ramp, new automatic sliding doors, controlled access with RFID tags (electronic keys), closed-circuit security, steel façades in the hall, new floors, etc.

For Rent

Currently all office spaces are rented to renowned organisations. Please contact us in case of questions about future availability.

Making buildings more sustainable

We are currently studying, together with eminent experts (Hiensch, Peutz and ETP, among others), how the building can be made more sustainable and ways to ‘green’ the heating, cooling, etc. The idea is that lessees should benefit more from state-of-the-art techniques with, moreover, lower maintenance and energy costs (‘green lease’ contracts).

Interviews with lessees

Moritz Hoekstra of Millford (Brand- & design office Millford of Leiden) on ‘the importance of logos, colours and consumer insight’

‘In our eyes, this office has a quasi-symbolic value’

Moritz Hoekstra in Millford’s head office, located on the fourth floor of Leiden Central Offices: ‘There’s a buzz about this place…’

Leiden Centraal Kantoren

,,The move to Leiden Central Offices helped us a lot in rebranding the corporate identity. In our eyes, this new office has a quasi-symbolic value. Back in 2012 we had reached the end of a life cycle. We needed to restructure, internally, i.e. shed labour. Before we could even move here, we already had, in my view, a kind of ‘momentum’ going. From our former office block in the Bio Science Park, beautifully furnished to be sure but very hi-tech –we landed up here, at Leiden Central Offices, in a building with a real ‘soul’ to it.

If you stand outside, you don’t know exactly what to expect of that white building, but it does exude character. I mean it sincerely when I say that this is easily the most distinctive building in the neighbourhood. The rest of them here, in the immediate vicinity, are just a kind of ready-made, modular structure. What’s more, we came, virtually overnight, from a remote trading estate to the beating heart of the city. This part of town is teeming with people and buzzing with human activity.

We also used that move to re-align ourselves, as a business, to the altered environmental factors. Whereas we used to be spread over several floors, we’re now all together on one `shop-floor’. That is a wonderful way to work. Efficient and easily overseeable.’’

Matthijs de Haan and Lene van der Lelie of Terma B.V. (a software company): ‘the great unknown’

‘On one, single ‘shop-floor’, the lines of communication are very short’ ‘We don’t even need to have a staff canteen’

Matthijs de Haan and Lene van der Lelie

Leiden Centraal Kantoren

Lene van der Lelie: ,,We operate in a very sensitive sector. As far as safety is concerned, it’s a distinct advantage that, at Leiden Central Offices, we’re on the fifth floor. Dropping in to see us isn’t that simple. We’re nice and safe here, sitting high and dry. And: from our visitors especially, we often get compliments on our location.’’

Matthijs de Haan: ,,This spot is ideal for us. Our `shop-floor’ is so big that we take up a whole floor. The lines of communication within the company are therefore shorter than when you’re scattered over several floors.

You can catch a train, just like that, to Amsterdam or Schiphol. You can park your car beneath the building. We don’t even need to have a staff canteen – and don’t have one either! – because, at lunchtime, you simply stroll into town to eat a baguette or to do a tour of the block.

Space-science centre Estec is both our customer and business partner, we work closely together. They were wondering if we wouldn’t up sticks and join them in Noordwijk. But most of our staff live in or around Leiden and like to cycle to work. And all that the public transport – the train, taxi, bus,…, that you have here, just around the corner, you wouldn’t get that in Noordwijk. So what’s the point us moving there?

Once you’ve been some place for so long – I think that we’ve been at Leiden Central Offices since 1992 – and one considers the currently affordable rental market, then we’ve done well, of that I make no secret. And certainly, now that this building has had an upgrade – a whole, new look, in fact – moving from here no longer crosses our mind.’’

Sabine Bogaert of Randstad (most famous Dutch temping agency) who has been at Leiden Central Offices for a quarter of a century already

Sabine Bogaert of Randstad, which has been domiciled on the ground floor of Leiden Central Offices for a quarter of a century already: ,,As far as I’m concerned, we’ll never move from here...’’

Leiden Centraal Kantoren

,,We are, undoubtedly, the best and most loyal lessee’’, said Sabine Bogaert (44), laughing. She’s senior merchandise manager at Randstad Uitzendbureau, which has been domiciled on the ground floor of Leiden Central Offices for 25 years already.

People are to-ing and fro-ing here all the time, be it our own staff or the flextime workers. Which brings me neatly to the advantages of this office: it’s location is so central, so handy for the city centre or the train station.

And then there’s those dedicated parking spaces beneath the building, I’m so thankful for that. It’s a truly agreeable workplace, what with all that outside light shining in through those big windows. As far as I’m concerned, we’ll never move from here.’’

Hans Reiber,
founder and owner of Medis

Hans Reiber talking about Leiden Central Offices: ,,The proximity to LUMC (Leiden University Medical Centre) is very important to us. It’s just across the street’’

Leiden Centraal Kantoren

Hans Reiber: ,,Our company used to be based in the gatehouse of the LUMC. Our staff were scattered far and wide, in offices of all shapes and sizes. All very impractical. Moreover, we were growing out of our clothes, space-wise. Here, at `Leiden Central Offices’, we are split over two floors, with all the facilities that we need, like the perfect network connections. I find it an agreeable location too. As always, the owner and managers of the building have thought of everything. The cooperation with the old research group of the `Laboratory for Clinical and Experimental Image Processing’, from which Medis originated, is still close. So I need to be there on a regular basis. Well, I leave here and I’m at the hospital inside five minutes. Proximity, in other words, counts for much.’’